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 Prochaines mises à jour (Rois des tombes)

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MessageSujet: Prochaines mises à jour (Rois des tombes)   Sam 13 Fév - 20:26

Continuing in our work of providing a sneak peak into upcoming changes to the army books, here is a look into the Undying Dynasties. Player feedback often described the Undying Dynasties (UD) as an underperforming army that contained some excessively strong units. To address this problem, the ceiling of the UD's power builds have been nerfed, while the average power level of more moderate lists have been buffed. As a consequence, the army has less variation in terms of excessively powerful and weak builds, but has become stronger overall. Furthermore, the redesign of auto-include magic support units from previous versions combined with the recent changes in the core magic rules had left the Path of the Sands virtually destitute. Changes in this update to the Path of the Sands have followed community suggestions of making it more reliable, easier to cast, and improving its usefulness for all UD playstyles.

1. Path of the Sands. Playtesting revealed that the racial magic path of the Undying Dynasties had serious issues regarding casting values and that the Path of Light consistently provided the UD army with superior synergies. Addressing this problem required a reworking of the entire UD racial path in order to improve the synergy between the Path of the Sands and the UD army. The Protection of Phatep was removed from the Path of the Sands due to its poor efficiency and has been replaced with a new spell that should be quite familiar to the players. These changes to the Path of the Sands also compliment the Soul Conduit special rule and provide UD players seeking a more reliable and stable magic phase with a competitive choice.

2. Characters. All Undying Dynasties combat and support characters (non-wizard) have undergone significant changes. The Tomb Harbinger and Tomb Architect characters were an issue, with the Architect considered overpowered, and the Harbinger rarely taken. This update revises their roles in the UD army. The Harbinger has lost Undying Will, but has instead gained Hatred and grants this special rule to the accompanying unit. Furthermore, in a joint change for both undead armies, the BSB option has been buffed and is now a more competitive choice for the Harbinger. The Architect has lost the Hatred special rule and will now focus solely on supporting constructs with a significantly cheaper price tag. There was also an emphasis on having clear and distinct roles for the Pharaoh and the Nomarch. The Nomarch has received a points drop, while the Pharaoh has acquired a bump in Weapon Skill and a price hike. Mount options for royals have also become more competitive. Chariots have received a points drop and the Royal Sphinx has gained monster-like qualities with Stomp (D6) and is now an option for the Nomarch.

3. Casket of Phatep. This unit has historically been plagued with complaints on issues ranging from perceived loss of personality to gaming imbalance from UD players and opponents alike. Therefore, the Casket has been re-designed to function as a magic support unit, holding a Bound Spell, a channel bonus, and a negative modifier to enemy casting results.

4. Ark of Ages. Community feedback was that the ark had survivability issues and was mostly taken only by low-level wizards because of the additional exposure of a mount. Both issues have been addressed.

5. Skeletons. In order to provide greater flexibility in UD Core infantry builds, skeleton warriors and skeleton archers are now separate unit entries. Furthermore, significant incoming changes to undead BSB and Steadfast rules will make skeleton warrior tarpits more viable, as Steadfast and Hold Your Ground rules will significantly reduce the amount of crumble damage that skeleton warrior tarpits receive when determining combat resolution.

6. Winged Reapers. In conjunction with the Vampire Covenant Army Book Committee, Winged Reapers were adjusted to make them more competitive. They have received an extra attack and new customization options that will allow Winged Reapers to fulfill a unique role in both undead armies. Players may now choose between their army-supporting Necromatic Aura or a new Autonomous special rule that allows Winged Reapers to march outside of the General's Inspiring Presence range.

7. Shabti. The halberd option for Shabti was underpriced and superior to all other available weapon options. To improve weapon pricing balance, Shabti themselves have become cheaper while halberds have increased significantly in cost.

8. Dread Sphinx. Playtesting revealed that the current Dread Sphinx version was underperforming and often ineffective on the battlefield. It has been redesigned and is returning to its roots as a Monster, including a buff to its Strength and an increase in its versatility.

9. Colossus. In order to promote better internal balance, the most often-used monster in the book is getting a price hike. The cost of the Colossus' weapon options have also been re-balanced.

10. Magical Standard. The removal of the Protection of Phatep from the Path of the Sands means that the rarely used Unyielding Standard is being discarded. Replacing it is a new BSB-only banner that will strengthen the Underground Ambush special rule and allow UD players to be more aggressive with their Underground Ambush units.

11. Book of the Dead. This item has been revamped to improve its synergy with the Path of the Sands. The Book of the Dead is now Path of the Sands exclusive and has received a price hike, but makes spells from the UD racial path easier to cast and improves the wearer's Risen abilities.

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Prochaines mises à jour (Rois des tombes)
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